How To Play

  1. Take a look at our home page for running comps

  2. Pick a comp

  3. For each of the selected events in the Comp, we ask you to predict the outcome by using your skill and judgement to select the winner

  4. Make your selections and pay the Entry Fee before the Comp start time.

  5. Sit back and check the Leaderboard to see your progress against the other players.

  6. Your score will be the accumulated odds of all of your winning selections, to a starting stake of 1.

  7. Don’t worry if you have a Losing Selection as this does not end your accumulator.  Your previous accumulated total will roll onto the next event.

  8. At the end of the competition, the leading player(s) take(s) home the money!

  9. The more players, the bigger the pot and the more places we pay out.*

  10. In the event of a tied leaderboard the pot will be split accordingly*

* See T&C for full details.