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The new fairer way to place your sporting AccA.

Back yourself against your friends and the rest of the UK to predict the outcome of a set of events, the most profitable prediction takes the prizes.

Unlike a traditional Accumulator you're still in the game even if some of your predictions don't come in.

July 2020

Week 1 Competitions

Here's what's on offer in Early July!

The Midweek Super 7 (£15) - 8th July 2020

Simply pick 7 results from Wed and Thurs Premier League Games.

The Super Hero 6 (£10) - COMPLETE

Forget the results and focus on the Goalscorers!

The Bigger Picture (£10) - COMPLETE

Results and Goalscorers from Wed and Thurs Games. 

Super Saturday (£10) - COMPLETE

5 Premier League Games - Results and Scorers 

The Long Weekend (£10)  - COMPLETE

9 Premier League Games - Results Only. 

The Big Super Sunday (£20)  - COMPLETE

4 Premier League Games on Sunday  - Results and Scorers 

Horse,ball,playing,toy,teamwork - free image from needpix.comWeekend Triple Header

Super Saturday

We see the FA Cup combine with the Premier League and Horse Racing from Newcastle and Newmarket.


The Long Weekend
 It's Results only for the Long Weekend as we have 8 games to choose from including Serie A

Super Sunday
Select the Results and Goal Scorers from Sundays games!


Premier League Stock Illustrations – 633 Premier League Stock ... Premier League

Heroes and Villains

Wed 24th June 2020

Over four games at 6pm

Select the right result, any goalscorer and anyone to be carded regardless of colour.

The Longer Night

The Early kick-offs and the Liverpool vs Crystal Palace game

  Result and Anytime Goalscorer


House of Cards

The Early kick-offs and the Liverpool vs Crystal Palace game

  Result and Any player to see Yellow or Red

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

3 Premier League Competitions

Now Open!

The Traditional - Select the results of 9 EPL Games.


SUPER SATURDAY - Result and Anytime Goalscorers from 4 EPL Games!


SUPER SUNDAY  - Result and Anytime Goalscorers from 3 EPL Games!



Odoo • Image and Text

Competition Schedule
Up to 3rd August 2020 (STC)


19th-21st June            Premier League - COMPLETE

23rd-24th June            Premier League - COMPLETE

1st -2nd July                Premier League (3 Competitions)

4th - 5th July                Premier League (3 Competitions)

8th - 9th July                Premier League (2 Competitions)

11th - 12th July            Premier League (3 Competitions)

July                              Premier League (3 rounds to schedule)

2nd August                  The FA Cup Final

Horse Racing

20th June                    Royal Ascot - COMPLETE


8th-12th July                England vs West Indies


16th-19th July              The British Open


2nd August                   The British Grand Prix

Born out of the desire to put the thrill of the accumulator back into the hands of the punters. After all, how much fun is it to see your first 5 selections win and the 6th selection fall at the last? With AccA Sports, you stay in the AccA until the end.

Odoo • Text and Image


A world where you don't have to be Perfect!

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